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Dare to follow your intuitions to create your own life path

Mis à jour : 28 avr. 2020

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Taming stress, letting go, meditation, mindfulness, resilience, well-being...

These are buzzwords we hear everywhere, whether around coffee discussions or in radio shows, books on personal development are booming more and more on the market both in number and in criticism… Sign of a societal malaise in a frantic world that even the COVID-19 pandemic has pointed out and decided for us by “stopping” the world, our world, our quest for speed?

Yes, there is discomfort, certainly. But, we may not be looking for the basic root cause: we are equipped with natural instincts and intuitions among our senses.

Let go of our senses, let's listen to them.

With the "if" imaginative sentence, we keep hurting ourselves ...

With possible projections in the future, we suffer ...

We are made to live in the present moment.

From my personal experience, I share with you my quest for this intuition. For the past few years, I have worked on listening deeply to my senses, my body and my desires. It was notably the intuitive tasting of wine that guided me to these acts. Little by little I have dropped the codes of a world that impose psychological barriers on us. By listening to your body, to your heart and to your head, you gradually free yourself. The path is long and tedious, being always tempted to return to the "societal frame". It is necessary to regularly practice observation and listening to yourself as do so well our cat friends by spending their day sleeping, observing their environment, hunting at the right time, according to their needs ... Little by little, my intuitions were revealed in a natural way, dropping my deep desire to always deploy an analytical model requiring strong mental focus and not always bringing the right answer. The pleasure of wine saved me, I would say. Madness? Foolishness? You may think ? Not at all. Tasting helped me thanks to regular exercises to (re) develop smell, taste, feelings, emotions ... Today, making a choice has become an act largely guided by this intuition and not by a long mental analysis, which by the way pump a lot of energy (quite often useless). We don't pay attention to them, but the clues are just there in front of your eyes in your environment. The Neanderthal we come from, the “Hunting Man”, just forgot to observe, grasp, understand and interpret these clues like the excellent private detective Sherlock Holmes! Sometimes only ONE choice is enough to roll out a whole series of changes and “clicks” in life. Three years ago, I was selected for a humanitarian mission in Africa: I had to say "yes" or "no" within a few days. Shall I go or not? For the first time, I did not write down on a piece of paper a "decision matrix" with pros and cons to guide my choice... I simply followed my intuition, which let me imply deep down that other events of life would go off afterwards. The result is wonderful: today, many encounters, many projects, many events happen to me thanks to this choice guided by my intuitions, from trigger to trigger.

As I learned from my Zen Buddhist retreat in Japan:

« Do not run after the clouds, you will never catch them »


« Do not worry about things that have not happened yet »

We always want to control everything and master everything by constantly projecting ourselves into the future with "If I..."! This is exhausting ourselves unnecessarily, spending useless energy ... STOP! Don't project yourself for a moment! It will be a difficult exercise but by dint of practicing it, you will notice the daily benefits.

This is the story of La Petite Nénette, creator of moments, emotions, sharings, through seminars and trainings,

guided by intuitions...

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