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Audrey Delbarre Interview from La Petite Nénette in South Africa

Recently, while the world was set under lockdown, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Tim Smal, a wine lover and founder of The Tim Smal Show. His podcast programme portraits personalities over the world, sharing a snapshot of their life and story.

It was a great opportunity for me to explain to the world my passion for wine, for travels and overall for Human relationships and senses!

Indeed, La Petite Nénette, nickname of my "grandma", is a company I created following a tremendous experience in Africa through a humanitarian mission and a discovery of South African wines and vineyards...

My dream is to make people develop their self-awareness through the use of their senses around tasting workshops. Passionate about well-being and techniques of mindfulness, I am a firm believer of emotional intelligence through tasting.

Thanks to the workshops oriented towards intuitive tasting and an original approach of using our senses, people drastically changed their way of consuming food and drinks afterwards. We underestimate quite too often our capacity of using five, even six senses, with the intuition in addition. This helps develop more self-awareness with infinite pairing combinations. I developed exercises through different factors that can influence our perception of emotions, learning how to practice mindful tasting and "let it go": wine and music, wine and fabrics, wine and decoration, wine and art, wine and food,...

All these exercises make our brain and memory work more and more by creating reminiscence of images and emotions...

I would be happy to develop your future team building, seminar or training,

Where? Tell me your wish and I find the best spot for you!

Look at my services and feel free to contact me or ask me any advice:

See you soon and cheers!

Please find below the links to the Interview podcast:

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