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Passionate by decoration, married to a carpenter, I learned by myself how to antique hunt and see high potential in objects and furniture to restore and transform but also to turn them into a new stylish object. I deploy my creativity everywhere, inspired by my travels around the world... I create, I transform and give a soul to every object that passes through my hands...
...from "chic country" style to industrial style through Romantic movement from the Enlightenment period such as "Boudoir"  style or even chic colonial and exotic style!


"British" atmosphere with hunted chesterfield sofa mixed with industrial style "metal & wood"

My profile


Trained by a carpenter, I learned by myself how to renovate two houses, how to fine tune decoration with harmony and style through antique hunting and by giving objects a second life. I learned how to work wood, a soft and living natural material I fancy deeply and that can be declined in infinite versions... I sand, paint, apply a patina and create multiple styles on walls, ceilings, objects and furniture of all kind.


Passionate by art and interior design, I always keep myself up-to-date with latest trends and news in the decoration world. I love to bet on future trendy styles to come. My travels around the world are always a great source of inspiration to turn objects into mix and match creations.


As soon as I enter a room, I have a capacity to project myself in a new decorated space and rethink the whole style of the room to give it a personality : reviewing space organisation for a free flow, removing walls, highlighting and valuing ornaments and qualitative existing materials, deploying a wide range of matching colors while mixing materials...


My Commitment


I commit to adopt a unique approach with each of my client, to observe and listen to his/her lifestyle, to come with several versions of interior re-looking, to advise on latest design trends in order to create a feeling of "being at home" with style and in harmony with every client's personality .

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